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Neal Stephenson on Technology

Other things being equal, and speaking very broadly, newer tech tends to work better than older, which is why Apple keeps getting us to buy the latest and greatest iPhone. So, at the mass-market consumer level, we have a strange state of affairs in which people are eager to vote with their dollars, pounds and Euros for the latest tech but they flock to movies depicting a relentlessly depressing view of the future, and resist any tech deployed on a large scale, in a centralized way, such as wind turbine farms.

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“Hangovers and morning-afters get harsher the older you get. These things could affect your ability to stay turnt up all night. The people who can get away with never turning down are primarily babies, very rich rappers, socialites, and college students with afternoon classes.” — "Turn Down for What": a guide - Vox

Jul 08

That’s what makes bikes so frightening: we prefer the devil we know, even when it’s infinitely more bloodthirsty than the one we don’t.

This leaves a third source of fear and anger, the belief that bicycles are adding confusion to what was a smoothly-running system. Of the three, this is the most grounded in fact: there are more bikes in American cities than in the past, riding on streets that were almost entirely optimized for cars, but have seen recent changes. Many streets in central Chicago, Portland or Washington DC today would look strange to a driver from the 1970s—with all the new striping, bike-specific signals and traffic-calming bumpouts, the urban environment is asking for different behavior from drivers. And some of the people biking on these redesigned streets act like jerks.

The problem with this belief, though, is that the smoothly-running system that bikes are disrupting already kills over 30,000 people per year. On the same day that Suchi Hui was struck by a cyclist in San Francisco, resulting in one of the only bike-on-ped deaths of 2012, around 82 Americans died in car crashes. Going by averages, roughly that many more died in car crashes the day before as well, and the day after, and every other day of the year.

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“The very highest IQ levels were found not among people who grew up in city centers but among those who grew up in rural areas and ended up in cities.” —

Where Do the Smartest People Move? (via thisiscitylab)

I just spent a non-trivial amount of time trying to remember the phrase “confirmation bias” so I could ironically tag this post.

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William Gibson trying on Google Glass.


William Gibson trying on Google Glass.