Oct 20

The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism

starting as long as a hundred years ago, marxists referred to the contemporary phase - whatever it was at the time - as late capitalism, a lovely expression of wishful thinking. seems like you’d get embarrassed about that as the decades tick by, and i would have suggested a number of other dialiectical phases: “late late capitalism,” “extremely late capitalism”, “unbelievably late late capitalism” and so on.

maybe they got too embarrassed by this approach, though they are not folks who are easily embarassed. so now we’re in “neoliberal capitalism” or perhaps since we’re thirty years past reagan and thatcher, we’re in “late neoliberal capitalism.” well the power of capital and political/miltary systems connected with it just keeps consolidating, shows no sign whatever of disintegrating: quite the reverse. so this is where climate change comes in: it will provide the terminal crisis of capitalism: it is the realization of prophecy. people, i must say, are sitting home wanting it to be as bad and imminent as possible, and asserting - while brooking absolutely no dissent - that it is as bad and imminent as possible. it’s still science, too.

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“What’s undeniable, in the present moment, is that many people who consider themselves leftists are betraying a breathtaking amount of trust in the police and prosecutors. They are doing so at precisely the same time that they are passionately animated against the police state in Ferguson, in New York City, and elsewhere. Many are capable of holding together these utterly incompatible positions because they don’t have a political philosophy, but rather a set of cultural and social customs that they confuse with a politics. The result is an incoherent denigration of the police state on one hand and the elevation of that same police state to the role of savior on the other.” — yes, carceral feminism is A Thing | Fredrik deBoer

Oct 18

Oct 17

Morning reflection off the Cira Center.

Morning reflection off the Cira Center.

Oct 14

“This is reality: if we do indeed lower the burden of proof for the police state to prosecute sexual assault cases, that power will be handed to the same people who are responsible for Ferguson and the NYPD and all the rest. And this is reality: the burden of that increased power will inevitably fall on the poor and the black, because that is who the white police state prosecutes with greater zeal than any other. That is not conjecture. That is not a guess. We know that. We know that the police state is racist. We know that the police state targets the poor. We know that false convictions are far more likely to happen to black and Hispanic men. We know those things. Doing away with the presumption of innocence will not mostly hurt privileged white frat boys. It will hurt poor people and black people the way that our judicial system always does.” —

the burden of expanding the police state’s power to prosecute sex crimes will fall on the poor and the black | Fredrik deBoer

Also: “[Entitlement] is when you have taken a national conversation on a crime that is more likely to happen to the poor and uneducated and devoted it for weeks to a group that is whiter, richer, and more educated than the country at large.”

Oct 13

Septa Bus Driver Confessions

What’s one route that you wouldn’t want to drive?

Well, I don’t know all of them, but one of the worst is the 15. The equipment is bad. The technology is from 1932. And that trolley goes from Haddington through West Philly to North Philly to Northern Liberties to Port Richmond. So you have your hood rats, your yuppies, your addicts — all those different personalities. And then the trolley is so slow. It’s pretty bad.

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Oct 10

“All of us who have been vaccinated are cyborgs, the cyborg scholar Chris Hables Gray suggests. Our bodies have been programmed to respond to disease, and modified by technologically altered viruses. As a cyborg and a nursing mother, I join my modified body to a breast pump, a modern mechanism to provide my child with the most primitive food. On my bicycle, I am part human and part machine, a collaboration that exposes me to injury. Our technology both extends and endangers us. Good or bad, it is part of us, and this is no more unnatural than it is natural.” — The Illusion of ‘Natural’ - The Atlantic

“Brunch is just a symptom of the soulless suburban conformity that is relentlessly colonising our urban environments.” — Who killed brunch? For New Yorkers, it’s not hard to explain | From the Guardian | The Guardian

Oct 08

Inside the “Irani House”, Philadelphia.

Inside the “Irani House”, Philadelphia.

Sep 30

“When you split the difference between information and misinformation, you still end up with misinformation.” — We are continuous with everything here on Earth. | MetaFilter